apartments & homestay with kids

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apartments & homestay with kids

Post by Christina »

I will be traveling to Xela in July for three weeks of language study. My husband and kids will be joining me for 10 days. I have been searching for an apartment for us to stay in while all four us us are there. I have found something, but the availability still somewhat up in the air. I was told it would probably be available, but they don't have a departure dates for the people there now. I am a little anxious since I had found an apartment before, but it fell through because of the occupants extending their visit.

My first question is this- If this falls through too, would I be better off trying to find a place once I am in Xela? I will arrive a week before the rest of my family does and I do speak Spanish. I have pursued about every lead I could find on the internet. In most cases I didn't even get a reply, in one case I was told 10 days was too short of time in the summer. I have noticed some listings with a phone number but no email. I'm not sure I want to make a bunch of phone calls from the US, plus if they don't have email, I can't get an idea of what the place looks like. My language school does have apartments, but won't have availability for four people.

My alternative is a homestay. I think a hotel is out, four of us in one room for 10 days sounds like a nightmare. Has anybody done a homestay where they brought young kids? My kids are six and three. While they understand spanish and speak it somewhat, they are also very active, noisy, and get into things. I really would like something with a measure of privacy and a bit of space. When I studied in Mexico I knew a couple of people who lived with host families but almost had their own apartments, with a private entrance, living area, etc. Does anything like that exist in Xela?

Thanks, I am looking forward to this trip, but I am finding planning with kids to be challenging.
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Post by Felipe »

Since you already speak some Spanish, I think you are much better off trying to find a place once you get to Xela. Most property owners and managers here in Xela are not very good about communicating via telephone or internet. They would much rather see you in person and do business face to face.

I hope that you and your family have a great time here and will encourage your friends to visit as well. Like everywhere else, times are hard here and we need all the Spanish students and tourists we can get.
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Post by admin »

I have to agree with Felipe, you are only going to frustrate yourself trying to find a place from afar. Once you are here it will not necessarily be easier but you will be able to see what is available first hand. Unfortunately private, furnished apartments are not easy to find especially for short timers.

If you are willing to take a couple rooms in a guest house you will have much more to choose from. But the guesthouses normally have shared bath and kitchens, which might not suit your situation.

There are some places here like DiCap residence that offer semi private "apartments" also Casa San Bartolome has an apartment or 2 for rent.

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Re: apartments & homestay with kids

Post by globaltraveler »

Christina, I am in the same situation you are in. My wife are considering visiting Xela for about 4-5 weeks with our daughter. We are interested in an apartment. How did it work out for you? Do you have a referral we could consider?
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Re: apartments & homestay with kids

Post by Souix »

Check out; CASAXELAJU reasonably priced accommodations in Zone 1.,
Assure them your children are quiet tho after 9 other short term stayers aren't disturbed...!?
Check out their website
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