U.S. passport renewal

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Richard Free
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U.S. passport renewal

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Two weeks ago (23 Mar), after landing at Aurora and before returning home to Xela, I went to the American Citizen Services office at U.S. embassy/consulate and dropped off the completed passport renewal form I had downloaded from their website. Two days ago they sent me an email telling me it was ready to pickup. Yesterday I went to Guate and got it.

It was a very easy and painless process. Surprisingly easy and painless. And fast--except for an entire day X to G to X.

Of particular general note for those who have never been there is that U.S. citizens go to the head of any lines outside--usually long lines. There is a small blue sign for American Citizen Services where the entry line for non-emigrant visas goes into the building. Find that sign, go there, show your U.S. passport and go on in. You cannot enter the building with a cell phone. Once inside go left to the ACS office. This is good for anything a U.S. citizen needs to do inside the consulate.

Their web address is http://guatemala.usembassy.gov/acs_general_info.html for whatever you need for dealing with the embassy/consulate.
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Christopher Gray
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Re: U.S. passport renewal

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I just went to Guatemala City for this. After getting wrongly sized photos from a studio in Xela with a day's wait, I figured it would be easier and faster to get a passport photo in Guate, and I was right. Directly across from the embassy next to Banco CHN is Fotos Sanchez, and she had a proper passport photo for me in five minutes for Q55. In the American Citizen Services office I took a number, after which I waited just over an hour. They now will send the new passport by courier (your choice of GuatEx or I think the other one was Cargo Expreso), so you don't need to return to Guate a second time to pick it up.

The embassy is close to the Industria transmetro station. If you are arriving on Alamo, walk from the Alamo station same direction as traffic.
Then take a right and walk one block to the footbridge. Cross the footbridge to the other side, and right underneath it pass the red buses. Take any that has Trebol as destination. Or you can walk to Trebol in about 30 minutes. You can take the transmetro from Trebol and change to line 13 at Calvario for Industria. To return, I believe I boarded the transmetro at Seis 26 a couple blocks over, because line 12 is a loop. Other than that going back is the reverse.

If you arrive the day before, there are some cheap hotels on 16 or 17 avenue between 6 and 8 street. I stayed at the Monterrico II for Q70 and it was acceptable. Or if you want a very pretty, extremely clean one at a reasonable price, the Hotel Ajau is at 8 Av 15-62 z1. These are an easy walk from the Calvario transmetro station.
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