"Robberies" EL BAUL

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"Robberies" EL BAUL

Post by GavinoGainza » Thu Feb 09, 2012 11:26 pm

Too many people lately (I met some) have been robbed hiking on "El Baul" by two banditos.
One is very very fat and carries a large silver colored gun and the other has a machete.

Losing everything you have in a robbery is one thing, but also what takes place is a violation of who you are.
The weapons present terror "and that inner question as to whether you are you going to live or not?" The police look great in their uniforms and nice pickups and are also really well armed but so far have done nothing to alleviate this situation.

Time are tough, business is slow and not as many tourists or language students are here. For every tourist that has this horrible experience happen to them they will tell ten people not to come to Guatemala. Those ten people they tell will tell ten more. It escalates.

What is needed is a real tourist (undercover) police force that perhaps masks themselves as tourists to trap these thieves (and eliminate them) before someone gets really hurt or killed.

Vigilante law sometimes works

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Re: "Robberies" EL BAUL

Post by Felipe » Fri Feb 10, 2012 6:33 am

I agree that it is a problem and I agree that the police do little to solve it. For a number of reasons, I disagree with the idea of tourists confronting them directly. Unless we are citizens or legal residents, carrying weapons will cause more problems for us than for the banditos. Rather than escalating the arms race, I simply advise tourists not to carry a lot of "bling" while visiting El Baul, volcanoes, or other tourist sites. Yes, it is still terrifying to have a weapon pulled on you, but that is better than being terrified AND losing your cool stuff.

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Re: "Robberies" EL BAUL

Post by GavinoGainza » Fri Feb 10, 2012 9:29 am

Perhaps the staunch strength of our new Presidente Otto Perez can eradicate this problem.

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Re: "Robberies" EL BAUL

Post by iheartxela » Sat Feb 11, 2012 2:38 pm

I think one way is to simply blab about it. Tell everyone you know, post online about it, etc. Bad press is bad for tourism, and when the locals realize that members of their community are shitting in their own well, they will feel motivated to take action. You can post here: http://www.lonelyplanet.com/thorntree/f ... wordid=222

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Re: "Robberies" EL BAUL

Post by lizmils » Wed Feb 13, 2013 9:45 am

A warning to all that hike or plan on hiking up El Baul... Don't do it alone. I am a female who was traveling alone through Guatemala. My plan was to stay in Xela for one more month, after I had already had a great 2 weeks. I was enrolled in Spanish classes, was going to sign up for a month of yoga, blah blah. On Saturday, just 2 days after I moved into an apartment I was planning on living in for a month while in Xela, I decided to go for a walk. Yes, a bad decision to go up El Baul alone. It wasn't really my intention, had I even premeditated the walk, I wouldn't have gone. There was a family in front of me on the way up so I felt secure. I don't really care to hear how it was my fault, believe me, I know. Regardless, on the way down, I was mugged. I was knocked to the ground with a gun on the back of my head as they tried to pull me down into the trees. There were 2 guys, head to toe in black. I was screaming as they were yelling at me not to scream. I gave them all I had, 100Q and they still wanted me down with them. After kicking and screaming while on the ground, a car finally came around the bend. They gave me one last try before I was able to take off running (without 1 shoe) to the car, who brought me home. They ran back into the jungle. I thought I was going to be able to get past this, but unfortunately I had to leave Xela, Guatemala, and Central America last night. I just wanted to warn everyone else so you don't end up in the same position I was on El Baul.

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Re: "Robberies" EL BAUL

Post by admin » Wed Feb 13, 2013 3:28 pm

It is horrible to hear what happened to you. I am thankful that you were able to escape. In yesterday's local newspaper they reported the capture of 3 guys who assaulted a group of Guatemalan tourist on La Muela. They are trying to find out if these guys are involved in other assaults.

http://elquetzalteco.com.gt/quetzaltena ... asaltantes



Tres hombres que despojaban de sus pertenencias a turistas nacionales fueron capturados.
En la entrada principal al cerro La Muela, cantón Chicuá de Quetzaltenango, fueron capturados Luis Giovani Chic Torres, de 18 años, Zacarías Ixcoy Laipop, de 43, y Francisco Chic Uz, de 63, quienes se presume que asaltaban a un grupo de turistas nacionales, quienes subían a dicho cerro para realizar ritos ceremoniales.
La captura la realizaron agentes de la División de Seguridad Turística (Disetur) de la Policía Nacional Civil (PNC).
El oficial Edú Ardiano, delegado de Comunicación Social de la PNC, explicó que los detenidos fueron sorprendidos cuando despojaban de un celular a una mujer de 25 años.
"Al hacerles un registro se les localizó otros tres celulares que pertenecen a ese grupo de turistas", dijo Ardiano. Se investiga si los detenidos están involucrados en otros asaltos a turistas.
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Re: "Robberies" EL BAUL

Post by MXela » Sun Aug 21, 2016 10:47 am

Unfortunately seeing a need to update this thread as my husband and I were assaulted yesterday (August 20, 2016) on El Baul by two armed men who, from the sound of it, meet the description posted by user GalvinoGainza. How these bandits have managed to escape police since 2012 is a mystery. 4 years (or more!?) of allowing these assaults to happen is unacceptable.

Yesterday's armed assault was a terrifying experience. As my husband and I walked the road down from the top of El Baul, two armed men jumped out of the bushes on the lower side of the mountain. Both were short, around 40 years old, dressed in dark clothing, one with a bandana covering his face. The one who came after me was fat with a large barrel gun (escopeta hechiza). The other with the bandana covering his face held a large knife to my husband. They yelled for us to give up all of our belongings. The only main thing of value they stole were our cell phones. Luckily a car came around the bend and the two bandits ran back down the mountainside through the brush. The car gave us a ride down to the first set of tourist police we found along the road who ran up to try to catch the criminals. I doubt very much that they found the two men. While it's frustrating to lose costly material belongings, it was terrifying to be held up by gun and knife. As a little aid, we looked up the Google coordinates of where the assault happened, approximately. They are as follows: 14°49'38.8"N 91°29'43.3"W.

These two individuals need to be found and brought to justice. If Xela wants to attract and keep tourists and nationals safe, it needs to ensure that these public areas are well protected. One thing that could be done would be to clear the brush along the roadside where assailants can hide. Additional tourist police would also be helpful to secure the road and the trail going up and down El Baul.

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