Where can i get a good map of Xela

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Where can i get a good map of Xela

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Does Xelapages sell a good map of Xela? Preferably looking for waterproof map. And some helpful locations. Also want to find a good map of Antigua and Lake Atitlan.
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Re: Where can i get a good map of Xela

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Xelapages puts out a map of zone 1 and 3 that is funded by advertisements around the map border. This map is distributed at various spanish schools, cafés and hospedajes around town as well as at the Xelapages internet café. I suppose if you cut off the map border, you could get the map laminated to make it waterproof. But why? We're in the dry season now.

There is/was a map of whole city put out by someone. I saw one mounted behind glass somewhere. But I don't know where to get one. But you really only need the map for zone 1, which is really easy to get lost in until you've been around a couple years.

Maps of Antigua and Lake Atitlan can probably be found at the tourist offices in Antigua and Panajachel.
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Re: Where can i get a good map of Xela

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I would have thought that if anything the free map market in Xela was saturated. Are you saying that of the 3+ that are out there you find them all lacking (in which case it would be interesting to hear why) or is it that you just can't find distributing points (in which case xelapages, el cuartito, pasaje Enriquez, Spanish schools and anywhere else gringos hang out would be a start).

A good map will at least include zona 3, which holds various points of interest for the visitor - cultural centres, museums, the zoo, sports complex, bus terminal, main market, Pullman bus companies, malls and cinema - the pull out map in XelaWho shows a walking tour of zones 1 and 3, but you can pretty much figure it out from any of the maps on offer
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