A little help!

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A little help!

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I have a family member in Xela who is having a hard time. Is there someone from this community who would be willing to do a drop in and check for me?

the person is in Zona 1 and message me if you are willing. I apologize if I seem guarded, but I am posting in an open forum and I don't want to have anything weird happen. I have full communication with the person, but, it's not the same as someone checking in and seeing how a person is doing.

If you've ever dealt with depression or anxiety, you can imagine how harrowing the last part of a trip can be. Especially when scheduling to get home went a little too long in this situation.

If you are willing, and not a crazed axe murderer, please private message me.

Also, I could use help in arranging transportation to this person's flight home.

Please, I know this may seem weird, but I care and I want to make sure this trip ends on an okay note.

P.S. No, I'm not a creep or something. Wait, that's what a creep or something would say. Well poop.
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Re: A little help!

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Please contact me by email or phone if you still need help.

I am the owner/admin of the board.

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