Xela - Buying Laptops

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Xela - Buying Laptops

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I will be in Xela for a few weeks and I am looking for recommendations on the best places to buy laptops. I have been into Techno Facil and Elektra near Central Park, which seem to have some expensive compared to the USA computers. There is a pawn shop next door (Guatepredara) that I can't visit until Monday that seems to have a few computers.

Has any had any success buying a laptop in Xela? Is the pricing and quality of computers (outdated/lack of range) pretty standard here? Has anyone bought a computer from the pawn shop before?

Alternatively should I consider buying on amazon in USA and having it freighted by courier?? A cost estimate was around 100USD from USA to Xela for a laptop sized package (not sure if that inckudes any duties into Guat?) Has anyone done something like this?

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Re: Xela - Buying Laptops

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I bought I netbook on eBay in January 2017 and sent it via Aerocasillas who have an office at the Paseo Las Americas mall near Cemaco. You don't need a monthly fee to use them, just a credit card and NIT.

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Aeropost de Guatemala, S.A.

NIT: 5534704-5
20 calle final, Km6.8 carretera a Muxbal, z.4 El Cambray,
Complejo Pradera Ofibodegas, Bodega No.18
Santa Catarina Pinula, Guatemala País GT. C.P. 01051
Teléfono #: 2490-3000
Correo Electrónico: servicio.gua@aerocasillas.com

Factura electrónica #: FACE63IN800117000009148
12/01/2017 6:26:27 PM

Factura de paquete

Cuenta: GUA-0000045678
Nombre: Christopher Gray
NIT: 9876543-2
Dirección: Counter Punto de Entrega Xelapages - Zona 1 de Qu

Zen    0006
Ruta   006
Parada 0
Orden  0

Segumiento Maestro: MIA000017161355
Descripción: EEE PC 1000 USED NETBOOK
      Desde: EBAY.COM
      Valor en Aduana: US$59.00
Número de piezas: 1
Peso: 2.10Kg = 4.62Lb
Tipo de cambio Aduanas: Q
Porcentaje de arancel: %

Nuestros Servicios
Flete            147.80
Programa          12.86
Manejo Aduanal    17.14
Entrega           42.84

Cargos del Gobierno   
IVA de Impuestos Q63.52

Total           Q284.16

Autorizacion Facturador Electronico Resolucion No.
2015-5-687029-6214 de Fecha 2015-12-23
Serie: IN8 del 1 al 1000000
Datos del GFace Infile, Sociedad Anonima
NIT: 1252133-7 www.infile.com
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