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anyone have experience with any organizations in xela what they found particularly worthy? please let me know. i'll be there for 4 weeks. and would like something in town if possible, but outside of town on weekends is ok too. thanks!

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I love working at the orphanages, helping with english lessons and such. The kids are so fun and sweet!

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thanks angel. i'll check into them. i do like working with kids. any particular orphanage you recommend?

also, is there a predominant reason they are orphaned? i'm curious since the civil war is over. thanks!

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caminoboy wrote:thanks angel. i'll check into them. i do like working with kids. any particular orphanage you recommend?

also, is there a predominant reason they are orphaned? i'm curious since the civil war is over. thanks!
I am unsure as to the reason for the very young being orphaned since the civil war supposedly ended in 1996. But, the 5 year olds and younger are likely abandonded due to parents who are on drugs, cannot take care of their kids, and such reasons. Not too different of reasons as the USA or anywhere else I suppose. Sorry, I am not Angel so I have no specific orphanages to report on for you but I did visit about 3 of them while on my last trip. I just do not recall their names. One was exteremely sad, little cuties all dirty and sitting in their cribs or bed in dirty diapers and clothes and no bath in days. Also, there are the wonderfully clean and beautiful orphanges where the kids get free education and have catholic school clothing. I belive the ones ran by churches have more money. The ones that are dirty and the kids clearly neglected are very sad. But a reality worth seeing.

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thanks for the reply iggy. i'm sure i'll get quite a bit of reality there which always puts things in perspective!

Re: NGO/volunteering

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For NGO work just be sure you check your sponsor. Anyone volunteering legally has to have a proper visa. If you are on a tourist visa of 90 days you can do vacation volunteering. Any paid or "freelance" work is not legal without proper work visa.
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Re: NGO/volunteering

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The best group in Xela for information on Volunteering is Entre Mundos. They have an uptodate database of several 100 organizations in and around Xela that accept volunteers.

EntreMundos is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) which supports and builds the capacities of local development organisations in Guatemala, whilst respecting their principles and values. EntreMundos is an intermediary which facilitates and connects organisations and volunteers, both national and international, and provides them with a variety of resources, capacity building and networking services, with the objective of maximising the developmental impact of each organisation.

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Re: NGO/volunteering

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Tom is right.

Check with EntreMundos seems to have some great opportunities for learning, living and studying in Xela in. I never personnally attended any capacity building workshops, but witnessed the affect of them first hand as a tourist for my 22 months in Guatemala.

Be wary pf anyone who posts on because the opportunities to volunteer or work in Guatemala may still be mis-posted. Some ethical places are now posting as "stipend", but it's just best to try to connect with people who know the area so when you arrive to volunteer and /or study you can know you're matched with the right place.
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Re: NGO/volunteering

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I'm interested in working at one of those dirty underfunded Orphanages. They might not even HAVE a phone so....
How about providing major streets or zone so I can go in person? They're the ones that could obviously use some HELP.....?
I know a few very good hearted retirees who have the time to help out & ones a nurse practioner.
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Re: NGO/volunteering

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I hope you all know that if you volunteer in Guatemala you are not working to earn money, you're there for the experience. It is illegal to work without the proper Visa.

There are scumbags from Guatemala in Xela who try to hang out with anyone they can meet and you can think you're doing good for families when they are only there because they know you will fall for their stories. An NGO, of which there are 200 or so in Guatemala can set you up for disaster.

The people of Guatemala and Xela come in all shapes, races, and sizes, so it's time for the police and military to do their jobs and shut down fake places.

You have to have a Visa to work in Guatemala. You have to check you banks accounts if you are "foreign" or you can be "money laundering" :?: :?: :?:

Simply put, be careful of anyone who teaches you salsa and "helps" you do work for Habitat for Humanity. That organization was founded by Jimmy Carter, not Jimmy Morales, even though I think I heard they were on a dive in Lake Atitlan looking for Nessy. :idea:

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