LHI seeks dynamic, motivated Program Associate

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LHI seeks dynamic, motivated Program Associate

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Limitless Horizons Ixil (LHI) is looking for a dynamic, motivated Program Associate to join our team.

Title: Program Associate

Location: Chajul and Nebaj, Quiche, Guatemala
Organization: Limitless Horizons Ixil
Start date: late April 2009
Language(s): English, Spanish
Last updated: March 4, 2009 End date: October 2009 or later

Stipend: 1,875 Quetzales per month

LHI seeks a dynamic, motivated individual to serve as a Program Associate in Chajul, Quiche, Guatemala. The Program Associate will support the Executive Director and local staff in the following areas: direct services, program research, development, and evaluation, donor relations, volunteer coordination, networking, community organizing, accounting, and fundraising.

This is an incredible, multifaceted opportunity for the right individual to join our small NGO with a five-year record of excellence in social service. LHI is in a period of significant and exciting growth, and our Program Associate will play a huge role in this development. In this community, where 80% of the population lives in poverty, a small team of individuals can make a great impact. Are you the motivated, hard-working, talented and reliable individual to join our LHI team?

The work is challenging, exhausting, exhilarating, and could be the most rewarding endeavor you have ever undertaken.

About Limitless Horizons Ixil (LHI)

Mission: Limitless Horizons Ixil works in partnership with the indigenous Maya Ixil community of Guatemala to create opportunities for empowerment and advance sustainable community development.

Limitless Horizons Ixil: is a non-partisan, secular community development organization serving the highly impoverished Ixil region of Quiche, Guatemala. We run a sponsor-based scholarship program for middle school students in Chajul to cover the costs of tuition, uniform, and school supplies. The students receive computer and tutoring classes from LHI and have access to our new library. LHI was founded by Katie Morrow and Pedro Caba in 2004, and supported 10 scholarship students in its first year. In 2009, we are supporting 57 students in a community where only 5% of the population graduates from middle school. This year, we have expanded to provide opportunities beyond our scholarship program. With new funding, we are expanding in the following areas:

We are:

* designing and manage new programs;
* mobilizing local and international resources;
* building upon and develop local leadership and expertise; and
* creating spaces for collaborative dialogue, learning, and working

In order to:

* expand opportunities for education and literacy;
* invest in employment and workforce development;
* empower women and promote gender equity;
* protect and sustain the natural environment;
* create opportunities for more sustainable agriculture;
* improve the quality of health and well-being;
* facilitate the development of livable housing and sanitary living conditions;
* foster socially responsible opportunities for economic growth;
* promote the community through educational tourism;
* build a collaborative and cooperative community; and
* preserve and promote the Ixil language and culture

Specifically, projects we have are beginning this year include safe wood-burning stoves, a micro-enterprise selling community-health products, a student Work to Learn program, student career guidance, a sustainable tourism program, informational workshops on nutrition and other topics, and a sustainable agricultural program.

Major responsibilities:

* Direct Services- Work closely in collaboration with Chajul Director of Programs and executive assistant to provide all LHI services to Chajul students and families.
+ Case management- educational planning and family needs assessments
+ Facilitation of local meetings with students, families, and local officials in Spanish
+ Program evaluations of: library, scholarship program, tutoring, wood-burning stove project, agricultural program and workshop programs
* Assistance with program development and strategic planning.
* Program management: assist with oversight of programs including community health initiatives, work to learn program, workshop series and artisan work.
* Reporting- Written and verbal reporting for foundations, LHI directors, and LHI board of representatives, compose tri-monthly newsletters.
* Donor and sponsor relations.
* Accounting: Detailed reporting on direct service accounts.
* Volunteer coordination: Assist with coordination and oversight of local Chajul and long distance volunteers.
* Networking/ Community Organizing- Meet with local NGOs, government and key community figures and as well as correspondence with international NGOs to help build community support, network and establish partnerships.
* Research- Develop and finalize strategic plans for our expanding programs, as well as outreach to potential partners and revenue channels.
* Fundraising support: Support ongoing LHI fundraising efforts.


* Advanced Spanish skills: spoken and written
* Excellent written communication skills in English
* Strong verbal communication skills
* Bachelor’s Degree
* Flexibility: Availability to work flexible hours, travel and work in local living conditions
* Strong computer skills in Word, Excel and Internet research skills
* Accounting or bookkeeping experience helpful
* Leadership and problem-solving skills
* Research experience
* Goal-oriented
* Self-motivated and self-directed
* Ability to work well individually and as part of a team
* Experience working or living in Guatemala and/or the developing world
* Appreciation of Ixil and Guatemalan cultures
* Patience with Ixil/ Spanish translation and cultural differences
* Dedication to LHI and passion to make “a real difference”

Work Location: The Ixil region is isolated by beautiful mountains and has maintained its rich Ixil Mayan traditions and language. Chajul, Nebaj, and Cotzal make up the Ixil Triangle in the Department of Quiche in the Western Highlands of Guatemala. Limitless Horizons Ixil serves the county of Chajul (estimated population 50,000), which consists of an urban center and outlying rural villages. Having been at the heart of Guatemala’s 36-year civil war, Chajul experiences post-war challenges such as land displacement, and fragmented families. Additionally, unemployment is high, large families live in one-room adobe houses with open cooking fires, opportunities for women are scarce, and family and gender-based violence are common. Eighty percent of the Chajul population lives in poverty. The community has a corn-based agricultural economy in which adults struggle to feed their families each day and the average income is $1-3 per day. Most children are forced to leave school at a young age to help support the family household, leaving 75% of the adult population illiterate. Chajul further suffers from common preventable health concerns such as respiratory illness, intestinal disease, tuberculosis, malnutrition, and mother and infant death during childbirth.

Housing Location: While LHI works in Chajul, the Program Associate will live in the nearby town of Nebaj. The city of Nebaj has a population of approximately 20,000, consistent internet, restaurants, stores and amenities, and a traveler/ long-term volunteer community of foreigners. The daily commute to Chajul takes roughly 40 minutes in each direction by local frequent mini-vans. There may be infrequent projects when it would be necessary to stay in the community or villages of Chajul as well as other Guatemalan cities such as Quetzaltenango or Antigua.

Stipend: Limitless Horizons Ixil is looking for a minimum of a six-month commitment but would prefer a yearlong commitment. LHI will provide a stipend (approximately equal to a local professional salary) of 1,875 Quetzales per month ($250), and daily transportation costs from Nebaj to Chajul.

Start Date: Position begins April 25, 2009

How to apply: Applications will be reviewed immediately as they are received.

Please email the following to info@limitlesshorizonsixil.org.

* Resume
* Cover letter
* If selected for an interview, references and writing sample will be requested.
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