Short term Volunteer Opportunity in Quiche

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Short term Volunteer Opportunity in Quiche

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Limitless Horizons Ixil seeks volunteers for an exciting project that will completely change the face of education in the indigenous town of Chajul, Quiche. Chajul is in desperate need of a library. The town has four middle schools and thousands of students, but nowhere for them to do work or research. LHI’s library will be the first public library for a county of 50,000.

LHI seeks one to three volunteers for one-week intensive project. Work will include, organizing and cataloging library inventory, possible light painting and working with local librarian and Limitless Horizon Ixil staff to officially open the library.

Skills required: basic Spanish, computer proficiency, energy!

Limitless Horizons Ixil provides middle school scholarships and other community health programs to the village of Chajul, in the highlands of Quiche. LHI scholarship students receive school supplies, monthly scholarships, and computer and tutoring classes, as well as access to LHI’s small library. It has long been a dream of ours to open a library to the entire community of Chajul. We have recently discovered a large inventory of books that were donated to a local organization, but have been left unused due to a lack of resources and experience. With the help of volunteers and our work study students, LHI is in the process of organizing the library and opening it to the entire town.

Experience the unique culture of the Ixil Triangle while developing a resource that will hugely impact thousands of students!

For more information, please contact
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