Volunteer at El Nahual

General discussion about volunteer opportunities in Guatemala with a focus on Xela.
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Volunteer at El Nahual

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My name is annika ans im thinking about going to xela to work as an volunteer and at the same time develop my spanish skills. The organzation i have found is called el nahual. Anyone who has any experience of that one? Please answer :)
Futher i would like to know something general about xela, and living and working there. If anyone know something feel free to tell :)

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Re: Volunteer at El Nahual

Post by Felipe »

Welcome to Xela, and to Xelapages! I have met many people who have gone to El Nahual and have said good things about the school and the volunteer programs. They are more involved in the community than many other Spanish schools. It is hard to answer your question about Xela because it is very general. Something you probably should know is that it gets very cold at night this time of year. If you have not left home yet, but sure to pack a winter coat. Other than that, there is a lot of information under the section called "General Guatemala Travel Discussion". I will be happy to answer any questions you have if you can be more specific. Be sure to visit Xelapages World Headquarters while you are here and also Casa Wilson (my house) which is only a block for Xelapages. Tom or his wife can explain where my house is or can call me if I am not home.
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