IAS - Recruitment Video - Paid Volunteer Opp.

General discussion about volunteer opportunities in Guatemala with a focus on Xela.
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IAS - Recruitment Video - Paid Volunteer Opp.

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Video: http://vimeo.com/28125381

Website: http://ias-xela.org

Inter-American School was originally established as a school for the children of evangelical missionary families, who had come to serve in Guatemala from North America. The college-preparatory education, administered in English, allowed missionary kids to travel seamlessly between classes whether living here in Xela, or at home for furlough. The original emphasis of the curriculum was to provide every child, whether North American or Latin American, the privilege of understanding the language and culture of more than just their own families. The school was founded in 1961 and has been located on its current 9-acre campus since 1975. The current property, facilities, and expansions would not have been possible without the assistance of faithful stewards making generous donations and contributions.

Over time, the demographic of IAS families began to change as missionaries turned over their ministries to local church members. IAS was no longer an English school for just missionary kids, but offered a unique educational opportunity for Guatemalans and other international students. Today, eighty-five percent of our students are Guatemalan and are receiving one of the best educations the city has to offer.

The grace of God and the prayers of many people have sustained IAS over its history and we will continue to proclaim the love of God well into the future.

IAS faculty members are expected to set a Christ-like example in their daily lives, portraying a lifestyle worthy of being emulated by the students. They must also present a creative, loving style of teaching. Preference is given to teachers with certification and teacheing experience although these are not absolute pre-requisites. All instruction is given in English. While an ability to converse in Spanish is not required, it is an advantage, making it easier to interact with student's families and the community.

A small stipend which is sufficient to cover basic living costs is provided, however prospective teachers are encouraged to seek outside support to supplement their income during their time in Guatemala.
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