Travellers checks

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Travellers checks

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I have a credit union where I can get travellers checks on a 1% exchange. I've read bad things here about travellers checks. I have no problem with presenting my passport, or with signing my name exactly like the passport. What I'd like to know about travellers checks is this: Are there any fees what you cash them in?
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Re: Travellers checks

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Travelers checks are NOT a very good option. They are becoming increasingly harder to cash. AMEX checks are really the ONLY one that is somewhat cashable in Xela. The process to cash them can be time consuming as you have to sit with a bank employee as you fill out paperwork and sign all the checks. If you make a mistake they will not cash them.

There is usually no fee to cash the checks but if you bring a different brand than AMEX you might NOT be able to cash them. And even if you bring AMEX the hassle factor is large.

ATm Debit cards are the best way get money these days.

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